Eat The Streets Shirt Pre-Order

Eat The Streets Shirt Pre-Order


Official pre-order for Eat The Streets shirts.

Show your love for one of the most popular indie events in the Quad Cities.

You’re wondering why there’s no picture? Because you’re taking a gamble. This entire thing has been a gamble, that’s working pretty well… BUT, we need a budget if this thing is going to grow. We need more parking, which means potential road closures, which costs money. Our goal is to take over the Davenport Riverfront entirely. Not just where its been, we want to have stuff going on along the entire riverfront, a dedicated area for the show cars, and utilizing as many of the parking spots down there as possible.

It’s being professionally designed, and we will be unlocking various colors of the actual shirt if the orders climb.

We’ll share the design when there are 25 pre-orders. All shirts will be picked up during an Eat The Streets event, so remember to save your email for an easy transaction. Once the pre-order is over, the price will go up, so don’t delay.

All Sizes listed are “Men’s” and are pretty standard sizing. Shipping cost will be discounted at checkout.

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