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TRUE - Shop Shirt


They call Iowa a fly over state. We’re alright with that.

Living here often involves having favorite spots, sure you might have a favorite lunch spot, or a favorite place to catch a cold beer. We go a little deeper. Talk to your average Iowan and we can fill you in on those places as a stranger. If you get to know us, we might just fill you in on our favorite fishin hole, or where the best place to bag a deer is. Become friends with us, and we just might show you where we get our mushrooms (might).

One thing that’ll never change is our demeanor. Stranger or no. There’s a reason they call us the nicest people in the country. There’s a reason our state rock is the geode. There’s a reason we call this place home, which is our favorite of all of our spots.

Ya’ll can fly on over, those who have taken the time to crack this place open, know that there isn’t a much better place to come back to. We are Iowa, We are TRUE.

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