Fresh Cuts - Coming Soon

Always trying to be on the edge of innovation, we're reaching out to our brothers (and sisters!) with blades and offering Fresh Cuts.

Fresh Cuts will be a barber shop only line of skincare to put it shortly. It will never be available for sale here at C.F. Maidlow, because the entire point is to get you out of that crap factory at the mall you go to, and in to an actual barbers chair. It's a collab, with any barber that wants to take part.

So whats it smell like? It's a 4 scent palette. Bergamot, Basil, Oakmoss, and White Patchouli.

Lost? You know that fresh baby powder, lightly antiseptic, amazing smell that lingers with you, and makes you feel like a brand new man, after a visit to the barber shop? It smells like that. No joke. It's g-double o-d good.

We've already got it in soap, and a beard oil, we're going to start putting a shave soap out for feedback from some of the wizards of cuttery we know, and see what they think. If it sucks, we just won't make it.

Barber? Interested in carrying Fresh Cuts? Hit us on the hip right here.

Russell MaidlowComment