New Product Alert - GrowlerWerks

As someone who formerly traveled quite a bit for work (like 350 days a year) even with the influence and control of social media on our lives, you get lonely. I would often find myself occupying the time by seeking out new and exciting craft beers... 

Problem - Eventually, you'd find one you like, really... really... like, and you'd either be stuck buying it in bottles or cans to take it back to where ever, or trying to keep it in a growler where it would just go flat in a few days. (we're looking at you Oskar Blues)

Imagine my amazement when GrowlerWerks dropped the design for the uKeg, Half Mini-Keg, Half Growler- perfect recipe for transporting beer to another location, where it could be consumed by myself, by my friends, by whoever the heck I felt like sharing the fantastic beer I had just found with. What an amazing idea! Nowadays mine transports local beer home, so I can drink like a hermit, as Men are want to do on occasion.

So, when we started making the drift towards being a retailer of all things manly - We knew we had to get GrowlerWerks. They're amazing, worth the money, and great looking. If there's a keeping up with the Joneses in the craft beer world, this might be it. It might not. Either way, the fact that they can be purchased copper plated is an implication in our eyes that they're worth every penny.

Check out the GrowlerWerks uKeg's in our Get a Lifestyle section, and be the talk of the next gathering.