Fit To Be Tied

So you're looking for a way to jazz up the old wardrobe, but not sure where to start?

Step this way sir. 

The common necktie, every man should have them in his arsenal, every man should own at least 3. If you don't currently own a well fitting suit, a sport jacket or a nice pair of slacks. Start there. We're assuming you have those things.

The Black Tie -

For moments that are formal, and don't involve you being in a wedding party wearing a tie of the brides favoritest color in the whole wide world. The black tie, even a textured black tie, is your go to. Funerals, wakes, anything where you should be blending in much more than you should be standing out, that's black neck tie territory.

The Navy or Dark Blue Tie -

This is your every day, go-to tie. Job interview? Put it on. Cracking open some cold ones with the boys, after a day at the office? Put it on (but it should already be on.). Dressing down a nice suit, rocking a sport jacket with a nice pair of chino's or jeans? The Navy tie controls and encompasses the whole kit and kaboodle.

The Burgundy Tie - 

Don't go full blown red, you want burgundy. Red says "I moonlight for Chippendales after hours." Burgundy says "I'm in control of the situation." Giving a big proposal? This is the one. This is your standard "Power" tie.

Need any or all of these 3? We've got you covered, click right here.