The Beard Buster - a primer in usage

Hello sir, and welcome to our humble establishment.

So you've found yourself looking for a way to get ultra softness from your beard, or maybe you've already got softness and just want to get that germ warehouse as clean as it can be.  We've got you.

The Beard Buster Soap is a pine tar and charcoal soap, with colloidal oatmeal. It does a few things, very, very well. The pine tar grabs any gunk (waxes, oils, or otherwise) and gets rid of it, from your hair and your skin. The charcoal digs down deep into the pores and hair follicles, gets rid of nasty germs and bacteria. The oatmeal, is just a kicker to moisturize your face and beard, to really give you the most oomph you can possibly get out of a beard soap.

Now, a few pointers.

1. Use it in the shower, if you attempt to use it at a sink, remove your shirt beforehand, this thing lathers like a shave soap on steroids. Give it any kind of friction and it takes off. It gets a little messy building the lather. We recommend washing your hair first, so as not to get that nasty shampoo residue in your beard.

2. Let it sit! We've found the best to be around 5 minutes, or until you get bored. whichever works for you.

3. Rinse it out. It'll take a little work, this lather is no joke, you may find yourself peaking to look in the mirror and see if you got it all. That's normal. 

4. Continue your shower as normal, we like to give the beard a few secondary rinses while continuing the shower. 

5. Lightly dry your face when you get out, and then brush / comb the beard out. If you're a morning shower guy, go ahead and apply oil. If you're an evening shower guy, we like to just let it be over night, and then brush it out and apply oil in the morning. It'll be a little stiff in the morning (Zing!) that's normal.

6. Enjoy the comments you get on how soft your beard is.

Now here's the kicker on the old Beard Buster - we use it once a week, and were able to go to using oil only a few times a week, and it maintained the softness and managability perfectly. 

Try it out, and let us know what you think!