It's in the Jeans - taking care of the blues.

Dudes - we’re gonna talk about something here that gets a little controversial in some circles, because of the opined nastiness that people hold. Maintaining your favorite pair of blue jeans.

Why? Because denim isn’t meant to be washed after every wear. Not even every other. They’re meant to be washed when they’re actually dirty. A spot? spot clean them. Running them through the washing machine should be reserved for - “oh shit, I fell in some mud”. Seriously guys, a decent pair of jeans should last more than a year. Even your Levi’s (that are the correct fit) should be capable of hanging around for 5+ years. Work pants can be another story, we’re talking about your daily wear jeans here.

Washing - Let’s say you’ve fallen in to the mud puddle, or have otherwise moved them beyond the spot cleaning process.


  1. Turn your jeans inside out - it’ll help keep the color from fading as fast. You want fading to occur because of wear and usage, not because you like to run them through the spin cycle too much. The striations and patterns that form from wear are much better looking than just having the thighs be faded because you wash them 200 times a year.

  2. Air dry them when possible, air drying is the best way to dry your jeans, outside if possible (leave them inside out and they won’t get sun fade, and the seams will dry faster) but hanging in the laundry room works just fine too. Exposing the denim to the high heat of the dryer, and the drying process in general, beats the tar out of them, the lint trap is actively capturing small particles of your clothing every time you run the dryer, it’s not creating it out of thin air!

  3. Cold wash / Cold rinse. Cold water is not only lighter on the wallet, it’ll help with fading. Many detergents are designed to work with a cold water wash cycle now, so there’s really no reason not too. And check your pockets, there’s nothing worse than realizing after the spin cycle completes that you left a sharpie, or a receipt in your pocket, and now you’ve got mashed up paper in every crevice.

Realizing that most of you are reading this thinking “LOL, no, they’re dirty!” I’m going to remind you that denim in general was created to be a working mans pant. They’re absolutely designed to not be washed everyday. They’re meant to go through a week of hell in a mine, and get washed on Sundays with the rest of the laundry. Try it with one pair out of your closet, and I guarantee you’ll start maintaining the rest of them this way.

Russell Maidlow