5 basic grooming tips for men (Tool Maintenance.)

Gents - We’ve got 5 grooming tips for you here, that aren’t necessarily grooming tips. Just making sure your routine is the best it can be, before you even start thinking about what products you might need. We want to make sure that your tools are in order.

  1. That shower pouf, poof, scrubby thing that you use? How old is it? If you don’t remember when you bought it, or if its realistically more than a month old, pitch it (recycle if possible, we’re good stewards.) Those things, above all else are containers and a breeding ground for germs, viruses, and all kinds of nasty stuff. Want to know the fastest way to turn athletes foot into jock itch? Nobody wants that. Pro-tip if you’re into it - Get 2 scrubbys. One for the upper body, and one for the lower. (And wash your damn feet.)

  2. Towels - For the love of god man, if they’ve got holes in them, replace them. Just like your socks and underwear. (more on that in a different column) A hole does not add character. Get some nice ones. If you’re in a relationship, she’ll appreciate it. If you’re not, anyone you might have take a shower at your place will be impressed. Bed Bath and Beyond has a coupon available almost always for those thrifty minded gents out there. Get dark colors and they’ll look good for a good long while.

  3. The toothbrush. Get a new one because yours is probably a year old, pay attention to the details on the package. Get the right one.

  4. If you’re using bar soap (like ours!) get a soap dish, one that drains. It helps keep the soap elevated (not sitting in a pool of water) and will extend the life of the bar. Also makes it less likely that a bar of soap is going to go flying across the shower, and land on your foot (every dang time.)

  5. Take stock of what you have available to you. If you’re still living in the stone age with products your dad gave to you, or have products from a store that went out of business in rotation, ditch them. That can of shaving cream from 1997 was mediocre in the first place, it’s definitely not good now. Even store bought stuff is better than it was 5 years ago.

Now that your tool box is in order, we can move on to some other things. Like your smelly shoes. Stay tuned for more grooming tips in future installments.

Russell Maidlow