C.F. X Wake Brewing - Shower Beers Season 2.

We’re coming into Fall full force, so it’s time to announce our next two soaps with a local brewery. The absolute bonus to that is that we get to create some new soaps, but also drink a bunch of beer (for testing purposes…) We had to go with Wake Brewing on this batch, after chatting with the brothers Parrish a few times, I know that we’re on the same page creatively. We create things we think we’re gonna love, and when they turn out awesome, we put them out for others to try with us. When they don’t, well, they can’t all be winners. They don’t have to be when you love what you do.

So what about these soaps? I had to go with Hand of Doom for sure, but Justen told us that we had to try a new saison they have brewing right now. He described the flavor palette, and I knew he was correct. The beer doesn’t technically exist yet, doesn’t have a name, and I’m gonna try to complement it on the fly. Let’s do it. Our goal with our beer soaps, is exactly what it should be, take the shower beer experience to level 11. If you think about it, so much of what we taste is based on smell. If you pick out the subtle notes of the beer and crank the smell up, the experience is absolutely amazing. That’s what I’m going for here folks, I hope you dig it.

The Hand of Doom based soap - Is going to be an oatmeal and shea butter heavy, dark chocolate, and coffee smelling, tiny bit of hazelnut - dirty sudsing, gnarly bar of soap goodness.

The Saison based soap, like last year, is going to be much the opposite. Its gonna be aloe vera heavy, get the sweat off, you’re a clean sonofagun and everyone knows it bar. It’s made with Hibiscus and Saffron and Ginger, and we’re adding all of those things, It’s gonna be slightly floral, but very unisex. The initial tests show its gonna smell amazing. If you’re familiar with our gin body wash or the Undercurrent IPA soap from last year, its like that. Not feminine, just not a heavy scent.

I’m playing around with scent profiles now, so look for these soon. I can’t wait for you guys to try them.

Russell MaidlowComment