What beard products should I use?


Probably one of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to beard products, is by far "What beard products should I use?" Its actually usually a super simple answer, but is always responded to with "What issues are you having?"


If you don’t have anything specific going on with your beard, honestly, pick up a nice smelling beard oil, that accents your day to day scent, and apply as needed. If you are having issues, follow along, and I'll give you a run down on the beard products I make, why I make it, and how it'll help you. 


Beard itch - beard itch can actually be caused by a few things. If you're in the early stages of growing, your face just isn't used to it - your pores and follicles are angry. If you're in the later stages, it could be beardruff, not getting your face clean enough (which can also lead to beardruff) or dry skin, among a few other less likely causes. Either way, start with our beard buster soap, (or the stubble buster if you're just starting out or a guy that chooses to rock stubble on a permanent basis) for the price it's going to do more for you than any other beard product you've ever tried. It'll clear up just about any skin related issue, and will soften the heck out of your beard as a bonus. 


Mildly dry skin and itch - If you're just looking for a moisturizer, that's exactly what beard oil is for. However the way most places tell you to apply it makes it seem like it's actually meant to do something for your beard. Truly one of the most misunderstood beard products. I like to put it in with my finger tips to make sure it actually gets to my skin (where it needs to be) as opposed to the spread it around on your palms and smear method that most of the "beard companies" recommend. Why wouldn't they, it takes way more oil. Ours is made as simple as possible, only 2 oils unless otherwise noted, and the fragrance. Some essential oils, some synthetic, all smell good. I stay away from the "woods" that everyone else uses, because if I wanted to smell saw dust all day, I can go grab my circular saw and cut some lumber. I'd rather smell my bourbon scent all day, than saw dust.


Simple styling, fly always, unruly beards - Balms and butters - to be honest our balm is designed to be an everything balm, balm is a styling product. It has benefits for your hair, but you're putting it on at room temperature. (This is why our beard buster soap is a rock star,  it goes on hot.) We added calendula, frankincense, lanolin, and a few other things, that'll keep your beard on point, but also make it work as a pretty great moisturizer. I use it on my ashy elbows all the time. (Seriously) I don’t make a butter, don’t have a use for it, and it's just a runny beard balm / thick beard oil. Also, if you're a diy trimmer, get to a barber, and have them line you up, pay attention to what they do and replicate. If you're going to do it yourself, learn from a professional and not some YouTube star.


Start there, most issues, and the associated beard products are covered, but feel free to get a hold of me if you've got something else going on, or as always, want my products in a custom scent. I love tweaking scent profiles to truly make you a one of a kind product.

Russell MaidlowComment