Bro's, whats your skincare routine? 3 steps to actually having one.

Skincare routine? Yes, you should have one. No, answering I wash it with the shampoo that runs out of my hair is not the answer.

Seriously. I know the average reaction to this entire post is going to be “I don’t need none of that sissy stuff!” Factually - yes you do. Not only for general appearance purposes, or to impress a potential mate, but your skin is literally your largest “organ” crude jokes aside, your dingus is also covered with skin. If it’s not, seek medical attention and come back to us.

Although I’ve done a lot of reading on this stuff recently, I learned a ton from Reddit. Fact of the matter is for me - I make a lot of stuff that most people would refer to as skincare related products, and my skin looks like weathered cheese on a good day, not exactly a calling card in my eyes. So down the rabbit hole I went. The biggest misconception, is that our skincare products have to be different than women’s. They don’t. There are a lot of companies popping up to offer “men’s’ versions of products that are in their essence, no different than women’s. They make a “woman’s product” that smells like sandalwood, put it in a blue container (not knocking anyone in particular at all) and send it out the door as MAN STUFF. It’s unnecessary to track down those often hard to find products (we’re not big buyers in that regard… Trust me I know, so most places just don’t stock them) Being said half of the stuff I make is - in it’s very essence a “woman’s” product, but marketing wizards showed us years ago that if you make it sound manly, its more appealing to men. Beard oil, is just an oil moisturizer. Millions of women use those daily. You don’t have a beard to use it. Salt Spray is a volumizer, but SALT SPRAY sounds manly. Women ask me every time I go to a live event, what it is, and they inevitably say “OH, its for Beach Waves!” and buy it, because I’m half the price of what you can get it for at a “woman’s store”

If you want the cheat sheet - go here on reddit

I’m gonna give you a short rundown on a few basics, for a “Man’s skincare routine” that takes like 5 minutes, and is pretty cheap. The first thing you have to do is determine your skin type. Click this link, give it a read, and you’ll know shortly. Personally, I’ve got oily skin. Factor in dealing with male pattern baldness, and there’s nothing to stop my head grease from running down my forehead and compounding things. My Forehead is pretty typically jacked with blackheads, and so is my nose. (This is what they mean by the “T zone” forehead and nose, but it can definitely include your chin) So what do I do now?

(Whatever your skin type is, it’s going to largely be this same 3 step process, just with different products, and possibly some spot treatments with stronger stuff if you’ve got really bad acne.)

I’m a man. I don’t like spending money on taking care of my face any more than any of the rest of you. I went budget. Most of you have done that same thing with me. I get it. I’m happy to say that I have about a 95% return customer rate, so I’m not BS’ing you when I talk about this stuff.

  1. Get a cleanser. It’s going to depend on your skin type, so read that blog. For me, I went to the local grocery store for this stuff. If I can’t get it while I’m picking up TP, pizza rolls, and a 6 pack. I don’t want it. What I got was from Neutrogena, its called “Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser” its a foaming cleanser, the fact that its called gentle, and is foaming, are 2 usually pretty sure signs that its for oily skin, and lower in the PH range. (pro-tip dudes, these specific bottles are notoriously hard to get the pump working, it looks like you just have to spin it, and it pops up. Which is what it’s supposed to do. Until it doesn’t. if you get this stuff, and it wont open, flip that sucker over, and smack it a few times, like it’s a jar of pickles that wont open, should spin right open after that) Pump of this stuff in the morning, rub it into your face, let it hang out for a second, and then rinse it off with warm water. You’re going to legit feel clean. But this stuff is kind of mean.

  2. If you’ve got acne issues, you need to work on getting rid of the bad skin (there’s a lot of science behind this, I’m giving you the very basics) So you might want an exfoliant. (this one’s optional dudes, you can knock it down to cleaning and moisturizing if you’ve got decent skin.) You want the bad stuff gone, and replaced with new stuff. Think of it like a chemical sandpaper, and you’re on track. I went with Stridex Maximum Strength (its the one in the red box). Seriously, same stuff from high school. It’s a BHA exfoliant, which means its made of a less strong chemical, and you’re likely to be able to use it every day. (this depends on YOUR skin.) Now here’s the thing. The chemicals are doing the work, you don’t need to tackle this like you’re trying to make the surface of your wood shop bird house smooth with 120 grit. Grab a pad out of the jar, give your face a good rub down, and let it do its thing for a minute or two. You just cleaned the heck out of your face with a chemical, possibly exfoliated, your face looks like something that’d make Beyonce stop dead in her tracks to give you a once over. But, your face is also dry, and it isn’t a good feeling. You know what’s coming next right?

  3. MOISTURIZER. Yep, face lotion. We’re getting extra froo-froo now. Here’s the deal, growing old is cool, until you start looking like you’re 50 in your 30’s. I’ve worked outside most of my life. My face hasn’t been treated well at all, because I didn’t bother to wear any kind of sunscreen, and at most put aloe on myself after I got burned. You know the sun can kill you right? Of all the cancer’s you can get, skin cancer is like the least manly. (they all suck, try not to get any of them.) but it’s the one you can pretty much prevent with a little work. So we’re going with a twofer - CeraVe AM Facial moisturizing lotion. It got a broad spectrum sunblock included. Put this stuff on in the morning before you head out, and Earl is gonna think you look “Man Pretty” when you get to the job site. Seriously though, this is solid stuff, and you can get it just about anywhere. Drug Stores carry it, Grocery Stores, just about everywhere. I put some in my palm, used my index finger to plop it on my cheeks and forehead, and just rubbed it in until I had covered the whole kit and caboodle.

Now gents, keep in mind, I’m not a dermatologist, i just make darn good soap. So if you’ve got anything going on beyond some minor acne, it might be worth it to see a doctor. I just want you to know, this stuff is worth it. I’m 3 days into this, and the amount of comments I’ve received from the fairer sex, has made it pretty apparent its a good thing. They spend a lot of time trying to look good for us (just kidding, we all know women get fancied up to impress other women) BUT, any potential mate is going to notice if you’re actively taking care of yourself. That comes in handy when you’re dealing with something deadly like the Flu. If you’ve got bad skin, how are you ever going to get someone to take your temperature for you?

Now please note - I didn’t give you links to any of the products I use, because I don’t sell them. I want you out at the drug store, finding this stuff.

Let me know if you end up trying something out, or what your routine consists of if you’ve already got one.

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