Oatmeal Stout Soap vs. IPA Soap - Buyers Guide

Oatmeal Stout vs. IPA, we get asked all the time. Which one is right for me? 

Let's help you get that figured out right now. People want to know most commonly, if they're going to smell like they're fresh off of a bender? No, the soaps are made with beer, but it's a trace amount (beer is in fact pretty good for skin health) but we weren't looking to make you smell like a 3 day old can of Guinness. Besides, we'd never go with some big name brand, its been done, and we've got more interesting stuff being made locally. We carefully plan out the scent palette, by trying as best we can to mimic the beers flavor palette. 

Our Oatmeal Stout Soap - is made with Bent River Brewing's Uncommon Stout, its heavy on coffee, with an oatmeal middle, and just a touch of chocolate. Our soap - Smells largely of oatmeal, (because its made with actual oatmeal)  with a coffee extract, and just a touch of chocolate fragrance. We recommend the Stout - If you're a night shower kind of guy, it's a heavier scent. On the showeromatherapy (we made that up) scale, we give it a "I put in a hard day, its time for bed" rating. It's relaxing, moisturizing, and will make your sheets feel like the embrace of a lover. (works even better if being embraced by an actual lover, between the sheets. The way this stuff smells, you might want to factor in the time for that.)

Our IPA soap on the other hand - is made with Bent River Brewing's Undercurrent IPA. Its bright, it's vibrant, its got that hoppy punch that you crave. To us, we wanted citrus, IPA's are typically just an all around brightly flavored beer. So we went for a double whammy of Orange and Lemongrass essential oils. The orange is so bright, and the lemongrass adds just enough of a hoppy vibe that it really does remind you of a cold glass of beer. We recommend the IPA - if you're a morning shower kinda guy, especially if you're a reluctant morning shower kind of guy. The citrus and lemongrass both are a swift kick to the motivation in the morning, its like having a cup of coffee before you have a cup of coffee. 

Can you go wrong with either? No, not really. The Oatmeal and IPA soap both have their places in your routine, but we have found that most of our regular customers who buy one or the other, buy them directly on the time of day they take a shower line. 

Let us know how either or both have worked out for you in the comments.