5 relationships every man needs to have locked down at 30. (or earlier)

Listen up. You should have had these taken care of by now, there are a few key relationships you need in your life, that don't involve the bedroom. Odds are as an average Joe, you completely screwed off in your 20's, 30 candles on the cake reminded you a little that you are in fact infallible and your time on this earth is possibly limited. We're going to help you get your act together, just a little bit. Some lifestyle, some are seriously get this shit done.

A Barber - Not a beautician, not a cosmetologist, not your buddies old lady that used to cut hair, not a flowbee. "But dude my hair is short, I cut my own hair!" Don't care. A barber goes through an entirely different skill training than the girl in the mall you've been going to. They deal with Men's hair. If they can't legally give you a shave, you are in the wrong place good sir. The side bonus to a barber, is that more often than not, they're dudes (not always, there are some bad ass ladies out there knocking down fades and shaves), and in to a lot of the same things you are. Going to the barber - is going to confession without going to church, is hanging with your favorite bartender without a drink, is seeing a psychologist for less than $100 an hour. It's a win / win situation. Get It Done. 

A Doctor - Not the random doc who works at the walk in clinic on weekends. An honest to goodness General Practitioner that has a file on you. You won't have to answer the annoying allergy and medical history questions every single time. Once you hit 30, you're going to find the likelihood that you're having to get the twig and berries out in front of a stranger increases drastically. If they're aware of any of your past illnesses, they can catch things that are out of the norm much more reliably and accurately. Get It Done.

An Attorney - "But dude, I'm not suing anybody?" Good for you, in this country everyone is suing someone, thanks for not being a statistic.  Anyway. What you need to be getting done here is a Will (last will and testament) or AT MINIMUM a Power of Attorney document set up. Step outside the existential, and honestly ask yourself - what happens when you die? Start with the bills you currently pay. What happens to those? Can anyone besides you access the money in your bank account? Is somebody cosigned on your vehicle loan? Would you be screwing them over if you died? Is your retirement plan (if you have one) set up to go to anyone if you die? Grant Power of Attorney to someone responsible. Spouse, Parent, Sibling. Someone you trust. Nothing can be done with it unless you're dead or dying. Get started with the will while you're there. An attorney knows more than any of the DIY websites, and can actually tailor the documents to stand up to your local laws. Get It Done.

A Financial Advisor - Yeah you can hop on reddit, and invest in the latest iteration of cryptocurrency that everyone thinks is going to be the next big thing, odds are, it isn't going to make you a millionaire unless you were already a millionaire at this point. Be looking ahead for retirement, be looking ahead for early retirement. A decent FA will be able to point you in the right direction. Put money away for a rainy day, and then put money away for travel. You're not going to remember the time you bought a 60 inch TV; while you're on your death bed. You'll remember the trip to Italy. Get It Done.

A Dentist - For the love of god dudes, I know so many guys who go at best - once a year for cleanings. Odds are you have dental insurance that you pay for. Use it. It's cheaper to maintain your grill than it is to replace. Same as a Physician, they'll have a record on you, know that you brush your teeth as often as you eat taco bell, and be prepared. No insurance? Cleanings are cheap. Seriously. Get It Done.

Let us know who else should be on the list in the comments. 

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