Whats in the box?

The time has come gents, we see a lot of bickering on the ole interwebs about which oil is best, sub-par ingredients being passed off as something you should WANT to buy, and companies at each others throats. But what's really in the box? Well...

We're not going there. We put out the best oils we can make, with the best ingredients available. Moving forward, we will limit all of our beard oils to a handful of "premium" ingredients (things you actually want to pay for) over what the internet has marketed you into paying for.

We're removing all grape seed and castor oil from our oils, they're purely a cost saving oil, and have no beneficial qualities. Poof. Gone. We thought we needed them when we started, turns out with the way we do business, we don't.

You'll also find that very soon, all of our beard oils will feature hand written labeling. That's two parts - I don't like writing, so the simpler the ingredient list the better. 2. Our stuff is small batch, we make no more than 30 of each bottle a month. if it's sold out, it's sold out, try again about the first of the month. That means we keep everything in house, no worrying about the factory in Washington getting the scent wrong and delivering you an inferior product. Just not what we're in to. 

We're not in this to get rich, we're in this to provide you our customer and friend, the best product we can at the best price possible.


Thank you all so much!


Russell MaidlowComment