That's right boys and girls, we made a play on words.

Anyway, who wants to win some free stuff? It's easy.

To get entered - Buy something either from us, or one of our retailers before 5/5/18 @ midnight CST. We're backdating entries 2 weeks, so if you've bought something recently, your name is in the hat already. If you get it at a retailer you MUST tag us in a picture, either of the product, an ice cold beer, or maybe some tacos WHATEVER, using @cfmaidlow and the hashtag #mansotherbestfriend on instagram or facebook. if you've ordered online, and have your order do the same please.

What's the prize? A full on 128 oz. ManCan picnic kit. That's the whole deal folks, the 128 oz. growler, and the CO2 powered tapper. 1 name will be drawn, 1 name will win. Shipped to your door. Get ready to have an awesome summer of taking craft beer wherever the heck you want, and being the crowd favorite, in any crowd. Unless you're at a convent. Why did you take beer to a convent?

If you're in the Quad Cities area you can find our products at the retailers listed in the stockist section of the website, near the bottom of every page.