Will your soap help with my Eczema?

Will your soap help with my eczema? Will your soap help with my psoriasis? We get these questions nearly every week. The fact of the matter is - we don't know. 

The federal government requires you to undergo extensive (and costly!) testing any time a soap maker tries to make medical claims. That's why very few do outside of big box, or "medicated" soap makers. This is because by making the claim that yes, my product helps you with eczema, or psoriasis, or even dandruff, its no longer a soap which is a simple cleaning agent, but a drug which is used to treat ailments. We can (and have to) tell you whats in the soap, and you can make the choice to try it for yourself, but claiming that it will help with no substantiation and or testing is a huge no-no, and we're not down to lose our company. 

If you see a company or maker doing so, you should ask to see what kind of testing and or proof they have. Anyone not relying on word of mouth from customers, needs to have undergone testing, or they're wasting your money. 

Russell Maidlow