The resurgence of Men's Soap and grooming in general.

I get questioned all of the time about the probable fiscal disaster that is creating and attempting to peddle a line of grooming products for men. It's ok - I don't mind the questions. 

We're slowly growing in to a lifestyle creation super store, which gives us more time to talk about the foundation of this company. Men's Soap. 

I think one of the common misconceptions seems to be that men just aren't into this stuff, which well, isn't the case. It's more that men don't know enough about the science in getting the funk off of their junk, and don't care to read too much about it unless they've got a serious ongoing case of crotch rot going. We definitely hold different conversations between our Men and Women customers, as to the benefits of using our products (and although we make our products "for men" a good percentage of our customers are women who buy our soaps for their own use. Seriously its about 25% total) 

Men are creatures of habit for the most part, we find something that works, and keep using it until it no longer works, or the manufacturer stops making it.  I've personally used the same deodorant brand for almost a decade, because the manufacturer that I used to use stopped making the kind I used for the decade before that. 

The caveat to that is men like to be clean. Taking a shower washes away the hard work that you did that day, and prepares you for the next day. Showering is right up there with a beer at the end of the day for us, it's a chance to reflect on the day, and what you accomplished, good or bad, strip it all away, and start over again tomorrow. That in itself is a large reason for the resurgence of actual men's grooming. We used to be a fairly proud bunch, and took pride in the things we were able to do, and that's coming back. I can't tell you the amount of men who've asked me about getting in to wet shaving because their fathers and grandfathers used to do it. It's an experience that shaving with the newest 37 blade ultra mach whatever razor will never give you. 

So we started with soap. Our goal was to make soap that would enhance the showering experience with scents that genuinely smell good to a man (and women!), are made with stuff that you don't have to worry about, and will get your dirty self clean, and ready for a new day. 



Russell Maidlow