Wet Shaving - a primer in not using your girlfriends razor.

Don't call it a comeback, its been here for years. Single blade razor's and the usage of them is coming back in a big way. One of our most popular items is our introductory wet shaving kit, and I doubt it's going to slow down any time soon. 

Guys are starting to figure out that shaving is expensive, and for no real reason. Even the budget shaving "clubs" are overcharging, mostly because somewhere along the line, men started thinking they need 17 blades to get a close shave. Gentlemen - You don't need more than 1. If you put the right edge on an axe, you can shave with it. I've done it. Put down your girlfriends mach 47 super turbo overdrive and listen up. (ever notice they're exactly the same minus the colors?) 

Those umpteen blades you're using in conjunction with petroleum based shaving creams, is the start of your woes. The cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut of those things sliding across your face is the gateway to razor burn city, ingrown hairs, and general discomfort, that you then slather with either another petroleum or chemical based aftershave, and make it worse. No matter how much they tell you that having that extra blade in there is designed to lift, crop, tweeze, or whatever other line of marketing BS they've fed you. Seriously. They're garbage. Throw them there. Throw the can of shaving cream in there as well. 

Now you're wondering "but the razors you guys use look dangerous". They are, they're dangerous as hell. Until you take 15 minutes and learn how to use them, and give yourself a few shaves to really get good at clearing your face forest off. You think any member of the Rat Pack ever used a razor with more than one blade? (were those dudes not dapper, 24 hours a day?)  I taught myself the basics of straight razor shaves with youtube videos. I always tell guys, put some cream on a balloon, keep going until you no longer pop the balloon. Its gonna make a huge mess if you do, so the want to not pop it is realistically there already. When the balloon doesn't pop, your face will be 98% safe. Practice makes perfect. Next time you're at the barber ask for a few pointers. I guarantee you're not going to stop getting them at the barber, because its a better experience, and they'll sure as heck want to keep you from mangling your face if you're a regular.

Shave soaps are a different breed, in that it takes an extra 2 minutes over squirting rejected gasoline byproducts all over your face. Get a decent brush, mug, and soap, add water, stir (wet the brush, not the soap) - the rest is sorcery. Load up the brush, squeeze it into your hand, and boom, you're ready for a kick ass shave.  I guarantee you just changing this part of your shaving ritual, will convert you. I'm that confident. That's why the soap is free with our wet shaving kit. Everyone is a repeat customer. 

Straight razors vs. safety - This is a matter of personal preference. The safety will be easier to master because you're used to the form, and shape of your face. Straight razors in my opinion allow for a better control once you learn how to maneuver them, but definitely have the tougher learning curve. I always recommend that guys wanting safety's start with the Parker 99R - its a heavier work horse razor, and once you learn how to handle that thing, anything else will be like a Ferrari. They're seriously really darn good, especially at the price point. For guys wanting to get into straight razor shaving we ALWAYS recommend starting with the Parker Shavette. Its designed for barbers so they can just swap out blades as needed. We say you should choose it because - 1. it's cheap 2. you don't need to learn how to sharpen and strop a blade just yet, learn how to get the best shave you've ever given yourself first, then worry about spending a bunch of money on a nice razor. 

Russell Maidlow