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In our continuing efforts to bring you the best grooming products your money can buy, we're adding a solid work horse from Spain (we've got a spanish duo coming actually.) Since 1932, Floid has been one of the most esteemed brands in Europe. By providing high quality and convenient products, Floid strives to meet the needs of the modern man. When using Floid products, you can always expect great quality, character, authenticity, and elegance. We'll be bringing you 4 products from Floid, learn more about them below.


Aftershave – Suave

This classic 1930’s Spanish barbershop scented
aftershave will have you feeling fresh and clean with its soothing menthol and light
scent. The casual scent is perfect for any occasion, providing a fresh but not
overbearing fragrance, much lighter than the “Vigoroso” scent. This product has
been a household name in barbershops for decades due to its top-notch
performance and classic finish every time. 

Aftershave – Black

This aftershave is one of Floid’s newest offerings, just released in 2012. The scent has a robust, modern feel but still reflects the traditional barbershop heritage Floid is known for. This product is guaranteed to smooth and tone the skin all while providing a strong, masculine scent.

Aftershave – Vigoroso

This rare 1930’s Spanish barbershop scented aftershave is a highly coveted scent, seldom found outside of Europe. Vigoroso has a calming, herbal scent that will last throughout the whole day. The cooling menthol is also sure to soothe and tone the skin. 

Aftershave – Balm

This Spanish Aftershave Balm will add a nice finish to any shave. The texture is light and not greasy, guaranteed to provide a fresh, smooth feel. The strong scent and soothing ingredients have a lasting effect that carries throughout the day. Active ingredients include tea tree oil and sunflower seed oil.

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