5 grooming mistakes and misconceptions DEBUNKED! (we always wanted to use that word.)

Gents - let’s talk grooming, that's kind of what we do here. We've come across several mistakes that we as men typically make (depending on your current relationship status, just add these to the list of mistakes you're making) in our grooming routines that you may not even know you're doing (again, relationship status) so you can put a stop to them on your own (but we won't nag you if you don't). This isn’t rocket science, it just takes a little planning, and working a few extra steps into your normal grooming routine.

Let’s get serious. Well, as serious as we can get.

Let’s get serious. Well, as serious as we can get.

Mistake #1: Time is money, but having a routine is better.

Let’s be honest here, as men, we really don’t like spending hours upon hours in the bathroom. Being men we pride ourselves on being able to get ready quick (and then depending upon that relationship status, waiting around worrying about being late while we wait on our significant other). Regardless of how fast you can get ready when you need to, when it comes to grooming, make sure you give yourself enough time to get it done, but also do it right. Being proactive, not “reactive” can play a huge role in making sure “bad habits” don’t start creeping in. A weekly grooming schedule can help make sure you don’t end up waiting until the very last minute. Plan out ahead of time when you are going to shave, cut your fingernails, and trim your hair (we’ll leave this open ended for you to determine what hair). Trust me, you’ll not only feel better, but see better results as well.


Mistake #2: Improper Planning - A little too late?

So raise of hands, how many of us men actually take measures to maintain our health and grooming appearance on a daily basis? Assuming that you didn’t raise your hand (even if you did, I can’t see you), not practicing daily health and grooming habits can be a serious set back in the quest to not only look good, but feel good as well. If you’re still not sure what we’re talking about, take a look at some of those guys who are 10, 15, or maybe even 20 years ahead of you and notice how they always “look the part”. These are the guys with the foresight and life experience who focused more on prevention rather than “the fix”. They’ve exercised excellent grooming for decades, investing in their future selves. Practicing exceptional health and grooming habits on a daily basis can help you get that clean, feel good look, while also helping to prevent issues and problems down the road.


Man Tip: Here are a few daily health and grooming practices to keep in mind:


  1. Look better - Use skin lotions and creams properly, they can help you avoid cracked hands, ashy elbows, and other common problems.

  2. Smell better - Use good, body complementing body washes, deodorants, and colognes.

  3. Shave better - Use products you know will get you a good, clean, smooth shave. Ingrown hairs, bumps, and burns are not only unattractive, but can lead to unwanted problems.


Mistake #3 - Having ants in your pants - Patience is a virtue.

While having ants in your pants would be a serious violation of grooming etiquette to begin with, that’s not the only reason (or true reason) why we have it on this list. In today’s society, everyone has become dependent upon “instant gratification” - I want it NOW.  With all the modern conveniences around us, it has never been easier to get what you want, when you want it. Unfortunately however, for all us men, that just isn’t the nature of proper grooming. Being healthy and well-groomed takes time and effort, it doesn’t happen overnight (regardless of how much “beauty sleep” you get). Proper grooming is about having patience, sticking to the process, and committing yourself to making yourself look good. If you don’t get antsy and put in the proper time and effort, you’ll see results.


Mistake #4 - You Can’t Have Too Much of a Good Thing - WRONG!

Ever since you were a young boy, you’ve probably been told, “everything in moderation”. As much as we all hated hearing it (especially since most of the time it meant only getting one piece of cake), it was a great life lesson. While your mom may still have to slap you on the wrist to avoid you grabbing that extra piece of cake, or that second cookie, as a man, it is even more important to make sure you apply moderation to your daily grooming practices! Moderation in your grooming practices goes a long way in making sure you have the proper balance between overdoing it and not doing enough. For instance, too much cologne (or not enough for that matter) may cause a riot when you walk into the room. Guys often forget the fact that what seems fine for them may not get the same response in return. Finding the perfect balance in your grooming practices can be a huge benefit in making sure you have the tasteful look and appeal that people expect, while also complementing your ideal body image and composition.


Man Tip: Aside from dumping a whole bottle of cologne on yourself, here are a few other things you should avoid overdoing:

1.     Over-plucking/weirdly trimming your eyebrows. If you aren’t sure, get with your barber.

2.     Using a bucket of hair products. Most products are designed for less is more, if you’re not getting the mileage, check and see if your hair is supposed to be wet when applying. It probably is.

3.     Experimenting with “hipster” or unconventional hair and facial hair styles. Today’s fad, is tomorrow’s laughing stock.


Mistake #5: Inside the cabinet - Inferior products or the lack thereof.

It’s no secret that women use a ton of products, whereas us men tend to stick to just a key few (maybe it has something to do with the women taking up all the storage space? But that's a discussion for another time…). If you’ve ever snuck a peek inside a woman’s product cabinet (or better yet, live with one), you know that there is a whole variety of products ranging from daily and nightly face wash, to shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and much, much more. While the majority of men will most likely incorporate at least a few shaving products into their routine and collection, not having enough products, or even worse, the right products can lead to an extreme set back in proper health and grooming practices. Always remember that what you use on your body has a direct effect on your appearance, image, and well-being. Making sure you have the right products (test out a few to find the best one for you) as well as the type and number you need can add a huge boost to your grooming ritual.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to spend a billion dollars to make this happen, we’ve laid out some drug store level priced products (That we don’t even sell! Rather have you doing it cheaply, than not doing it at all.) in other posts that work just fine to get you rolling in the right direction. Is more expensive better? Sometimes. Is this gonna get you rolling in the right direction and keep you from looking 20 years older than you are? Absolutely. Is it going to eat up your entire day? No, not at all. A general full coverage grooming routine is gonna add a few extra minutes a day beyond what you’re doing now in most cases. Washing your face, exfoliating, and moisturizing takes me about a minute personally.

Russell Maidlow