Men's grooming - 5 Little things to look at in your grooming routine, that can make a big difference.

5 Little things to look at in your grooming routine, that can make a big difference.

As men, stereotypically we’re just not that into our appearances or we’re considered mildly effeminate if we are. Here’s the deal gent’s, you don’t need to be wearing bronzer to look good. But there are some things, very little things, that you should keep an eye on, or consider making a little change, that will genuinely alter how you are perceived as a man, and also step up that confidence level. You’d be amazed about what a difference KNOWING that your hands look and feel good, or KNOWING that you smell great does to every day living. We threw together a little list of very minor adjustments you can make, to take it to the next level. Maybe you already do some of them, mix in the rest.

Is it MAN-icure time? - Keep those fingernails in check

Listen, we get it. As men, walking into the beauty parlor for a manicure is about as high on our list as shoe shopping on Super Bowl Sunday, but that still doesn’t mean you should ignore your nails. Dirty, untrimmed nails, although a small detail in your grooming routine, can be a huge negative distraction. Every day our hands make gestures, hold our glasses, and (depending upon that relationship status we mentioned in our last post) have some form of contact with those around us - from handshakes to maybe even a little something more. Maintaining your fingernails so that they are healthy and neat will not only help keep them looking good, but also eliminate the possibility of any unwanted attention, distraction, or even worse, rejection. To manage your nails, pick up a well-made (and well equipped - not just clippers) manicure kit for men. Use the kit to clip your nails, clean under the edges, and get rid of any hangnails. If you are still having trouble getting your nails clean, you can pick up a small brush or even use a toothbrush to scrub them. Spending a few minutes every 5-7 days on your nails can be a huge boost in your grooming routine.


Quit the can - of shaving cream

Canned shaving cream is not only a waste of money, but it is also terrible at lubricating and softening beard hair (believe it or not, even old-school bar soap is better). Most men argue that canned shaving cream is convenient, but when you look at it, all you are paying for is air and chemical stabilizers to keep the product in its foam form - hardly a good trade off. As a result, using canned shaving cream actually gives you less soap on your face which is what you want and need to act as a barrier between your skin and razor. As a man, making sure your face is well maintained, neatly shaven, and free from any burns or bumps can be a huge factor in your overall appearance. Instead of using a can of shaving cream, try using a good shaving soap instead. Shaving soap can help provide more hydration - by removing the natural oil from your whiskers and skin, thus allowing hair to be cut more easily. Do your face a favor and get a real shaving product.


Smile and pucker up without pain - take care of dry and cracked lips

Having a great smile is important and can make a great first impression on that job interview, business meeting, or even date. Unfortunately however, even the most engaging and charismatic smile can be considerably less convincing and attractive with dry and cracked lips. While it may be tempting to lick your lips all the time or bite or remove the skin to try and make them look better, DON’T, as this will only cause things to get worse in the long run. Using a good quality, natural lip balm or stick can help keep your lips nourished, hydrated, and looking healthy. But don’t worry gents, there are plenty of products out there that we can use just fine (I personally recommend the Hempz brand). Taking care of your lips is a little thing that can have big consequences on your appearance. Making sure that proper lip maintenance and care is a staple in your routine can be a huge help in making you more appealing - especially when puckering up for a significant other.


Get rid of those face caterpillars - trim and maintain your eyebrows

Let’s face it, bushy eyebrows are never an attractive look. While we touched on this in our last post, but for a different reason - not over-trimming or over-shaping them, as men it is also important to make sure our eyebrows are in check and not overgrown. Before we proceed, it is essential to stress that this does not mean weirdly shaping or trimming your eyebrows until they are pencil thin - but looking like you have caterpillars above your eyes is never a good thing either. Not maintaining your eyebrows can be a huge mistake when it comes to your grooming practices because they are such a prominent feature on your face. If you find yourself attracting a lot of unwanted attention or, on the flip side, realizing that people aren’t looking you in the eye, then maybe it is in fact time to do a little trimming and shaping. Maintaining your eyebrows can take a little time and practice to get right, so make sure your start slow and don’t overdo it. Try to create an attractive border and eliminate any loose or random hairs. Most importantly make sure to prevent your eyebrows from touching in any way, shape, or form - after all you don’t want to look like Bert from sesame street.


Worry about the oil in your car, not on your face - taking care of oily skin.

While you only have to change the oil in your car every couple thousand miles or so, managing your oily skin takes a little bit more time and effort. As a man, having oily skin can be a pretty big hassle - it is challenging to maintain and can make that perfectly presentable complection you’ve worked so hard on revert back to a greasy teenager. While it is not a desirable look, don’t panic, it can be tamed. Contrary to what you may believe, don’t start washing your face more often - as this will only cause your face to create more oil. Instead, try using a daily cleanser or moisturizer on a routine basis. This can help you stay looking fresh and clean even when you start getting a little sweat on your brow from all that hard work (we’ll let you determine the definition of “hard work”). If this still doesn’t work, try keeping some tissues on hand for some quick, and discrete (or at least try to be) blotting.



Scents vs Sense - Use it, and take care of that body odor

Body odor can be a tough topic when it comes to men’s grooming practices. As men, we all want to make sure we smell good, but sometimes making sense of our scents isn’t always the easiest thing to do - since often times we don’t actually perceive our own scent the way others do. While you could grab a trusted companion (we say “trusted” for a reason) and ask them to help you identify if it’s time for a change, here are a few little tips to help combat having bad body odor:


●     Don’t over use colognes, body sprays, or other scented products to mask the odor - this will most likely attract more of the wrong type of attention than you want. Instead, try using mild soaps or other products that compliment your lifestyle, activity level, and body type.

●     Deodorant - use it! Deodorant isn’t optional, so make sure its a staple in your cabinet (or wherever else you keep your grooming supplies). Using deodorant can help keep those under-arms dry and smelling a little bit more fresh.

●     Dress appropriately. If you are someone who sweats a lot, try wearing an undershirt to help soak up some of that extra sweat to keep you feeling fresh and dry. Also, try making sure you have the appropriate wardrobe items on hand for certain occasions. If it’s 89 degree outside, the last thing you want to be wearing is wool.