Taking Care Of Your Skin - First Steps

You only really get one chance at this, some of the damage can be undone with a lot of work, but unless you hit the genetics lottery, the odds of aging gracefully as a man are slim.

no need to be as confused. @heymunster via unsplash

no need to be as confused. @heymunster via unsplash

Taking care of your skin Part 1 - FAQ

How do I determine my “skin type”?

This is actually pretty easy. Wash your face before bed at night, use something gentle, dont use any skin care products, (if you already use something) If you’ve got longer hair, keep it out of your face, set the a/c to something nominal. Don’t want too much humidity, or to sweat like a pig. Go to bed. It’s time for a skin type test.

Whats a skin type test?

After cleaning your face and getting a normal nights sleep - When you wake up in the morning, grab a kleenex. and wipe across your forehead and your nose (T-Zone). Any oil? Now turn the kleenex and wipe your cheeks. Check for oil. Turn it one last time, and wipe what would be your beard area if you don’t have one. (C-Zone) Again, checking for oil. (if you do have a beard, your beard is likely wicking moisture away from your skin by default. That’s what beard oil is for.)

What are the predominant skin types?

Normal - Congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones. You might have gotten a little bit of oil on your t-zone test, but everything else looks clean as can be.

Oily - Oil on your T-zone and C-zone and probably everywhere else. Odds are you deal with breakouts, of both blackheads and pimples, your pores are enlarged, and your skin often looks shiny.

Dry - No oil at all, and sometimes you feel that way, wiping the tissue across your face first thing in the morning probably made it feel worse.

Combination - Patches of oil, no oil, and everything in between. Sometimes your T-zone is bad, sometimes its in other places, Combination is just that - a combination of oily and dry skin.

Sensitive - Is a bit different, as it can be tied in to the other skin types. I personally tend to have sensitive skin. You could have oily sensitive skin, or dry sensitive skin. Sensitive skin just means easily irritated, it might appear red, or splotchy. Sensitive skin is more of a condition than a skin type.

Now that you’ve got you skin type determined, what’s next? That my friend, is where we come in, let’s get your routine set up.

Russell Maidlow