Beard Oil, whats the difference?

We're an upstart, we're in a flooded market, we're pushing products that are already out there.

Yeah, we know. We've also got a rabid fan base because we only put out the best we can.

Here's what differentiates us - We make everything in house. We know exactly whats going into every bottle of beard oil, from the oil makeup, to the scents, to the essential oils. I started this little project knowing that a lot of the big names out there are putting out swill. They've outsourced, they're selling you bottles of oil that are 80% coconut oil at a hefty markup. They toured the plant that makes their stuff once, and have a conference call once a month to talk numbers. They're selling you a fancy label, with a funny name.

We will never. I mean never.

We would rather go to limited production runs than turn out a less than top-notch product. Now don't get us wrong, most beard oils contain some sort of carrier oil, we use coconut and grapeseed. Those two are the two cheapest oils you can buy, but they're a necessary evil, without them our oil is too thick to effectively use a dropper. The difference for us is that we've found that the stuff stops having issues at around 20% carrier oil content, so we went 22% just to be safe. The big box guys run 70-80% in some cases. We'd rather run lower profit margins, on a top quality oil, than to have anyone second guess making a purchase from us. 

You and your beard will love our products, give us a shot, and we'll earn your repeat business.