How do you make your soap?…

Most of our soaps are manufactured using the cold process method, we do some random seasonal and some booze soap stuff with glycerin based soaps. We're looking to move those to cold process eventually - The seasonals / temporaries are kind of a test bed for what customers like. 


why men's grooming?


Because we're crazy, seriously though, the soap making was something I've wanted to do for a long time, the beard stuff came about from making soap and people asking if we could make that too. I got to grow a pretty epic beard because of it for testing purposes. It's a decent market, but people doing stuff for women, definitely have a much bigger market share to work with. We like that we can get to know our customers and work with them to tailor the grooming experience to their specific needs.  


How are you guys any different than the other people doing this?


We're a soap and grooming company, not a marketing company. It's easy to tout that your stuff is better than company XXX, but the product should speak for itself. We believe ours does. 


Can You ship outside of the U.S. ?

Possibly for wholesale orders in the future. Soap is a low dollar product, shipping gets outrageous fast. We haven't had enough time to research labeling requirements for other countries, so it's off the table for now.