The dad that hates how much new razor blades cost

The dad that hates how much new razor blades cost

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Does your dad gripe every time he has to pick up a 6 pack of blade refills for whatever 5 blade behemoth he’s convinced is the best?

Show him the way to the nickel shave club.

This kit includes a Rockwell 6C (you pick the finish) shaving cream, razors, and a blade bank (for disposing of used razors, tape up and recycle when full)

The Rockwell 6C is by all means Rockwell’s flagship razor outside of the new Model T, which isn’t really available outside of their kickstarter yet. Its adjustable for dad’s who like tweaking things to get it “juuuuust right” - that in and of itself will keep him entertained for weeks. We’re tossing in enough blades that he won’t need to worry about buying refills for a long long time, and he’ll be wondering why he didn’t try this out a long time ago. If He’s already wet shaving, the 6C isn’t a piece to scoff at by any means, and he’ll be happy to add it to his collection.

Add a matching razor stand for a Fathers Day only discounted price below, only available with these kits.

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