The dad who shaves with disposable razors

The dad who shaves with disposable razors

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Is your dad the kind of guy who spends 4.99 at the big box for the bag of blue disposable razors?

He deserves better.

This Kit includes a Rockwell R1, a shaving brush, shaving cream, and razors.

It’s a fairly entry level kit, if the man’s been using barbasol his whole life, you’re going to show him the light just by having him try out using a brush and cream. He’ll never want to use the canned stuff again. The R1 is a very mild razor, decent for learning with, and it almost takes effort to cut yourself with it. It’s a TTO (twist to open) Butterfly Razor, which he will think is just about the coolest thing since the last cat video he sent you that he saw on the YouTube. He’ll probably leave it sitting out on the counter, and maybe take awkward pictures not quite in focus to show his buddies.

Definitely a solid gift for the guy that doesn’t spend money on himself.

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