Candles - Temptation Series - Whiskey and Peaches

Candles - Temptation Series - Whiskey and Peaches


Sharp Whiskey overtones, with just a bit of a juicy peach, perfect for bringing a sipping a drink on a porch just outside of Savannah vibe to your home.

Whether you’ve got a Den, a Study, or just a regular old Man Cave - Our Candles are for you, all of our top selling booze and manly inspired soaps turned into a long lasting good smelling candle.

Initial testing has put our 9 oz. soy wax candles at north of 40 hours of burn time to make sure you’ve got an amazing smelling home for a long while. The added bonus is when it’s gone you’ve got a rocks glass to sip your favorite beverage from. We’re all about value, and sipping beverages.


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