Holy Sheet! Honey Bourbon - Linen and Room Spray

Holy Sheet! Honey Bourbon - Linen and Room Spray


Gents, the best way to get rid of a foul odor in your place, is to get rid of the source.

Thats why we make soap. BAZINGA.

Seriously though, even after that 3 day old pizza box has hit the trash, and your sweaty socks have been through the laundry, sometimes the funk still hangs around. Say hello to your new little friend. Whether you need to clean up your atmosphere, or need your bedroom to pack just a little more heat, our linen spray is where it’s at.

You’ve probably never heard “What’s that smell?” asked in as much of an enthusiastic positive context before. You’re welcome.

Spray it in the air, spray it on your sheets or pillows or both ( I personally use it about 2 feet above the bed, spray, and just let it fall.). With anything that you’re going to spray on cloth, test a small spot first. There’s nothing in here that will cause discoloration, but better safe than sorry.

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