Bourbon Body Wash

Bourbon Body Wash


Our Bourbon Body Wash was my first move into the world of body wash. I was making soap. Soap is manly, grab a washcloth and lather up, right? Apparently somewhere in the last 20 years, guys became real confused about using soap and washcloths, we were all converted to body wash and pouf’s (scrubby, poof, whatever you call it.) by our female counterparts. Pro-tip guys - you can scrub a bar of soap on that pouf, and it does the same thing!

So I was making body wash. I went at it like this - Commercial body wash smells like arctic glacier or winter forest or whatever. I want a body wash that smells like a man who works for a living, gets off of work, and grabs a drink with the fellas. Goes home, scrubs the day off, and does it all again tomorrow. Bourbon Body Wash was born.

But I cant make a body wash the smells like bourbon, I don’t want my customers getting in trouble for smelling like they’ve been day drinking. So I went at it like this - what does Bourbon actually taste like? Oak? Kind of a rich leather? Little honey? Why not make it smell - how Bourbon tastes? That sounds pretty good together, yeah? IT IS. And that’s just the smell, this stuff lathers as good as anything out there, and gets you clean as a whistle.

Bourbon Body wash is the cornerstone of the prohibition series of body washes. It led to our shower beers collaborations, and really kicked what I do into being a business instead of a hobby making soap for guys in my neighborhood. It’s very much the foundation of what C.F. Maidlow was built on. Making good products, for men.

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