Men’s Grooming Products


Wet SHaving Products

Whether you’re a novice to wet shaving, a seasoned pro, or you’ve just done some reading about it on the internet, we’ve got what you need. Not ready to make the leap to the scary razor yet? No worries, we sell more aftershave to guys that are just amazed that there are this many options that smell better than anything they’ve ever used before, than anything. You don’t have to dive in head first, but we do offer classes here and there to help you get your face (feet) wet, if you’d like to attend. Even if you stick with your 5 bladed (woman’s) razor, switching to good shave soap or cream and brush will blow your mind.


Hair Products

Hair never look as good as it does when you leave the barber? We’ve got the same products they use right here for you to take home. Pro-Tip ask them how you style it yourself if you’re going with a new look, or simply ask what product they’re putting in, and take some home with you. Hair Clay, Pomade, Creams, we’ve got all of it from several makers.


Beard and Moustache Care

We know half the places out there are telling you to spread beard oil on like it’s the only thing keeping you alive. Stop wasting money. I’m probably the worst at selling this stuff, because I’ll tell you flat out, you’re probably using it too mcuh, or you’re using the wrong prodcut for the job. That’s because I learned the hard way, and I don’t want you to do the same. Let’s chat about beard and skin health, and get you on the path to glory. We’ve got our own house line of beard balms and oils, that I’ll run you through the non-”fell in an oil spill” application process on. With other makers coming.


Hand and Nail Care

Calloused hands are the sign of a working man, long fingernails and scratchy palms are the sign of a man who just doesn’t care. Let’s get you on track to people not being scared to shake your hand, come near you, or you know, have your hands on their body… Full on manicure not required, but recommended.


Men’s Fragrance

Gents - It is perfectly ok to wear whatever fragrance your partner buys you. It is not ok to only wear that. They should have some say if you’re romantically involved with another person. But two things - 1. You have to smell you all day, so you should like it. 2. Always smelling the same removes the air of mystery. Don’t remove the air of mystery. Give them a reason to come in closer to get a sniff of “MMMM, what are you wearing?” If you can answer that question with something they’ve never heard of, you just won the game. We specialize in fragrance they’ve never heard of.


Face and Body Moisturizers

You should be moisturizing daily. Seriously, and using something with SPF on your face. Not kidding. Wanna look pushing 40 something in your early 30’s? Don’t moisturize. Look 40 something in your early 30’s? We’ve got you covered. Let’s get you back on the road to looking your age, with a basic skincare routine, that’s easy to follow. Furthermore, let’s knock out those ashy elbows, knees, and feet while we’re at it.


Men’s Deodorant and Anti-Perspirants

I know, there are so many flavors at the big box stores to choose from. I don’t carry any of them. We try to stick to natural stuff, that doesn’t clog your seat glands with aluminum particles. It also smells amazing, and works really well as a bonus.