Entry Level Wet Shaving Kit

Entry Level Wet Shaving Kit


Not sure where to start? We've got you covered with our Wet Shaving Kit. We built our entry level wet shaving kit to include a razor, blades, boars hair brush, and a 3 oz. shaving soap to get you on your way to shaving like a real man. If you’ve never done this before do you want to plunk down $200 on just a razor? Not likely. This way if you hate it, you’re out a couple bucks at most, as Mug shaving is still better than the can of drug store cream any day of the week!

A Parker apothecary shaving bowl gets you started, we recommend this to anyone who's never built lather before, it's just so easy to grip.

The Boars hair brush will get things going, for those who aren't sure if they want to plunk the cash down for badger hair straight away. It works well, and will have you ready to sling hair in no time. 

We top it off with your choice of a Parker 99R or a Parker Shavette razor, they’re both solid entry level razors to get you going without having a ton of money invested, The best part is both feature disposable blades (included!) so you don’t have to mess around with honing or sharpening just yet.

 You’ll be looking fresh as Frank in no time!

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