3 month Gift Subscription - Single Bar of Soap

3 month Gift Subscription - Single Bar of Soap

3.00 every month for 3 months

Share your love of our soap, with a friend.

Send them your favorite bar, once a month, for 3 months. They’ll be just as hooked as you are, and if they’re a live in friend, they’ll no longer have an excuse for stealing yours. It’s a win / win folks.

Pick a bar and go!

*Note, that the price for our subscription service is $1 “higher” for the bar, but you get “free” shipping in exchange for that. (padded envelopes are expensive kids, sorry!) You will be billed a total of 3 times, cancel any time by logging in to your customer account. Make sure that you enter the recipients address in the “ship to” field! Discounts and coupons don’t work with subscription products, sorry.

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