Monthly Subscription - Single Bar of Soap

Monthly Subscription - Single Bar of Soap

8.00 every month for 3 months

Love our soap, but can’t remember to order it? (We feel your pain)

We’re simplifying things by making a subscription service that lasts as long as you want it too. Get your favorite one in the mail every month, no post it notes needed.

We have several customers that set up multiple monthly subscriptions so that different bars show up a few weeks apart. You guys are smart! The best part is we’re not locking you in here. If you decide a year from now that you are going to stop showering with the best soap on the planet, you can cancel at any time.

Pick a bar and go!

*Note, that the price for our subscription service is $1 “higher” for the bar, but you get “free” shipping in exchange for that. (padded envelopes are expensive kids, sorry!) You will be billed monthly a few days before shipment, cancel any time by logging in to your customer account. Discounts and coupons don’t work with subscription products, sorry.

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