Fine Accoutrements - Fresh Vetiver Shaving Soap

Fine Accoutrements - Fresh Vetiver Shaving Soap


Fine Accoutrements shaving soap combines the unbeatable lather of an old-world, triple-milled tallow formula with the most beloved masculine fragrances of all time. The renowned, triple-milled tallow based shaving soap formula provides a lower water content than comparable soaps and a thick, easy, slick and protective lather every time. Even performing in hard water, the result is an astonishingly close, comfortable and enjoyable shave which you'll look forward to every day. 

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  • Renowned Tallow Base

  • Generously Scented with Signature Fine Fragrances

  • Triple Milled for Less Water Weight and More Lathers Per Ounce.

  • 3.5 oz (100g) Pucks, 72mm Diameter x 25mm Thickness

  • Performs in Hard Water

  • Contains No Artificial Colors

  • Made in the Kingdom of the Netherlands