Mean Jo'Rine - Aftershave and Facial Toner

Mean Jo'Rine - Aftershave and Facial Toner


The right facial toner can bring your skin care regimen to an entirely new level - and our Mean Jo’Rine Facial Toner just so happens to make a darn good aftershave replacement as well.

Instead of abrasive alcohol, we use witch hazel in the facial toner to give your pores the love they need after a shave. We bring some bright citrus with a tinge of cooling ingredients that set in after application, making for some soothing aftershave action.

Shut down any nicks pronto, and get those razor bumps and burn on the fast track to feeling good. Use it post shave, or as needed to keep your skin looking its best.

2-in-1 Aftershave and Facial Toner: What’s in the bottle?

Made of Witch Hazel, Orange Blossom Water, Tangerine essential oil, Aloe, and Koolada. You can throw out that blue stuff your dad uses - like now.

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