Southern Witchcrafts Lycanthropy Shaving Soap

Southern Witchcrafts Lycanthropy Shaving Soap


Southern Witchcrafts is notorious for bringing a darker, yet so very pleasant scent palate to the world of wet shaving, and Lycanthropy is a perfect example.

Southern Witchcrafts lists the scent profile of Lycanthropy as - Fir tree, lilac, musk, mildew, moss, Egyptian jasmine, palo santo, white sage, ozone

Out of the tub, the Lilac and Jasmine are very prevalent, LOUDLY prevalent, give this one a few uses to really pick up the more subtle notes, and appreciate just how complex this scent truly is, another romantic scent, that I wholeheartedly recommend you at least give a few sniffs. And then purchasing, you’ll be glad you did.

Southern Witchcrafts uses a vegan soap base for all of its shaving soaps as well.

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