Man's other Best Friend. Proudly made in Iowa since 2016.

I started this thing out of desire to have a creative outlet - that wasn't based on an entire childhood of growing up surrounded by women in the heyday of the arts and crafts movement. (I can cross stitch and macrame all over the place. String art? Ceramics? I did it all.)

I didn't learn how to make soap because of Fight Club. Although that's arguably also a neat story.

I'm just a Guy that traveled for work for a lot of years, that found himself transferred to a position where he works out of his house. I had no intention of selling soap at first, and had to learn how to scale, and manufacture, and run a business really fast. Then the beard stuff happened, and I had a beard for 14 months. Then people started asking for shaving soap and aftershaves, so now I'm experimenting with a gnarly goatee.

It's still kind of a hobby and now a family affair, which allows me to take risks that other companies won't take (we did try a pumpkin spice soap, only halfway as a joke...). I like it that way. We're just putting out the best products possible, and finding other people who do the same along the way. It's a catalog of my own path of personal growth.


C.F. Maidlow - Mans other best friend.