Man's other Best Friend. Proudly made in Iowa since 2016.

I’d like to tell you a story here that’s uplifting, and to some, it is.

A decade ago, I tried to kill myself. A few years ago, my little brother did kill himself. Caught up in that emotional turmoil, I needed to take my mind off of the situation, and got into making soap. I wasn’t out to start a business. Just something to clear my head. Something to focus on.

Along the way I learned that if you put out good soap, people want to buy it, and that learning to run a business in reverse, is insane. I also learned that talking about men’s grooming, gets men to understand where you’re at, where you’re coming from, and to talk about their own experiences, including their internal or external battles. You’d be surprised, in an honest conversation, how many men will admit to having attempted to take their own lives at one point or another. C.F. Maidlow, isn’t just my journey, it’s millions of men’s journey. If you can get a guy to talk to another guy, about what he does in the shower, you can talk about anything.

Soap, and men’s grooming in general became my rebound, a learning experience, I share what I’ve learned about it, and life in general, in the hopes that it can help someone else. Whether you’re having a bad time with your skin, or just life in general. Let’s have a conversation.


C.F. Maidlow